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About us

Pragathi Organics is a new-age solution provider to organic farming. Our motto is ‘Trust with Quality’. We offer biofertilizers as an agricultural alternate to chemical fertilizers.
We strive to produce quality bio-products for organic farming to
• increase soil fertility
• Enhance immunity in plants against various pest and diseases
• Increase crop yield
The bio-products from Pragathi Organics protect the environment from exposure to chemicals. We strive to produce innovative products for sustainable agriculture practices. Our products contain efficient strains, have longer shelf life and of high-quality.

Bio-products have the potential to change the farming culture:
• They are completely biodegradable and are neither toxic to the plants nor their consumers.
• As the name suggests, it is totally natural in origin.
• They do not pose any toxicity or eco-toxicity issues.
• They do not produce harmful residues.
• They are derived from microorganisms or macro-organisms.
• They could be classified as biopesticides, biostimulants and biofertilizers.